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GFI wine club

Socrates said, the wines can moisturize and soothe the soul, people forget the sorrow, relax. "
The invention green berry prime Alexander said: "because the penicillin derived Governance, because of the wine derived joy".
More Dante phrase: "the beginning of creation, God-given wine strength to illuminate the dark road of truth."
Wine for thousands of years, well received by the people of the world love and esteem, because she is not only the essence of nature concentrated, more because of her religion, the universe, the natural, physical and life to show us the mysterious and wonderful, she is beyond time and space, a most fascinating encyclopedia unfettered.
Elsevier gorgeous wine club since its establishment, dedicated to the promotion of the wine cultural and social environment to build a high-end business, so for thousands of years, the wine culture into the real life of the people. We are willing to embark friends and favorite wines and wine acquaintance, friend, the blind date tour.
Slow taste, happy life ", Elsevier gorgeous to walk with you, from now on .....


The love only gorgeous wine club is part of love only gorgeous Wine Co., Ltd. (China).

Club functions

1, theme year will be held for the company, customer conferences;
2, for private dining, wine tasting appreciation event, Western-style dinner;
3 wine lectures on (do private special);
4, red wine holiday, including the well-known wine regions in Europe and California producing areas;
5, the club members a drink discounts.

Club activities

1, club activities as a "stylish, healthy, elegant";
2, club activities on a regular basis: tastings, appreciation will promote wine culture, sommelier courses;
3, club the unscheduled activities: domestic and foreign winery tour.

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